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Need Device Insurance? **NO DEDUCTIBLES** **NO CONTRACTS** - $15

Looking For A Real Device Warranty? We’ve Got You Covered!

We've Brought Something Truly Revolutionary To The Market With Our Premium Device Warranty.

By Listening To You, The Consumer, We Have Created What We Believe To Be The Very Best Service Of Its Kind On The Market!
And we cover all smartphones, tablets, computers, game systems, TV’s, and home stereo equipment; new or used! No deductibles, no refurbished
replacements, no waiting for a device to be replaced or repaired, and no obligation!

Just a service that protects all of your devices, just “A Better Way!”

BASIC PLAN (we have more on our site)
$15/Monthly (Single Device)
Basic Packages earn 1 Free Repair per device after 30 days of paid service, and an additional Free Repair after every 12 months of paid service.
Basic packages come with 1 Discounted Repair per device that can be used after 30 days of paid service, and 1 Total Replacement per device that
can be used after 6 months of paid service.

*FREE* liquid screen protector to avoid more cracked screens will be sent directly to you.

Every once in awhile there is a scenario where we are unable to process a repair. There are certain “breaks” that we flat out consider a total
loss in need of a Total Replacement. Liquid damage is the most common of these issues. We also consider any damage to a mainboard of a device a total
loss in need of Total Replacement as any attempts to fix it may not be a guaranteed repair, and we only want to have guaranteed repairs done with your device.
We know that with a smartphone, if the screen is cracked or the LCD is not functioning, replacing the screen assembly with a new one is 99% a guaranteed repair.
It is only those types of repairs we want done so you have the best quality repair done as possible. For all other issues, we would rather just replace your
device with a brand new device even though it costs us more as a company. The point is your satisfaction, not our bottom line.

Cancel your current Insurance that gives you "Nothing but more charges for replacement, deductibles and a 2-year Contract".
You could have this whole monthly service for 1-device at 15.00/month and cancel anytime for pennies per day.

Check out more info @ Http://NoDeductibles.Club and we'll get you going at saving tons of money per year, to be exact. You pay $144.00 per year on device insurance
through your cell carrier then they have a normal deductible of 150.00 - 175.00, that adds up to $319.00 and if you divide that by 12 months = you're actually paying
$26.58/month for insurance if you have 1-repair per year. Most people have 2 repairs so which service is better ? It's a matter of time that your cell phone will
break and then you have no choice but to pay the $319.00 or buy a new phone.

So...her's the website to get this fantastic service for ONLY $15.00 MONTH


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